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    MSC Crucero 🛳 Review

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    Visiting Central Florida 🇺🇸🙌💪

    Take a tour with us of a typical Central Florida city in the United States. We will visit some historic sights and stores in a small town in Central Florida. 🇺🇸♥
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    BEER Brewery TOUR in Tampa Florida!! 🍺🇺🇸🍻

    Grab a beer 🍻 (or not 😂).. and come along with us on this Beer Brewery Tour in Tampa, Florida!! 🇺🇸 See how beer is made. 😍🍺🙌🏼
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    Tour en Charleston, South Carolina!

    Subtitulado en Espanol!
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    Cruzamos el continente Africano y lo grabamos todo!

    Videos subtitulados en Espanol, suscribirse si estan interesados!
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    The Top of Africa! 🌍 Johannesburg - South Africa

    Vlog en la cima de Africa!
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    Inside NELSON MANDELA house

    Visit Nelson Mandela house with us, the first black president of South Africa. We take you inside the home of one of the most famous, interesting, influential and controversial people of all time.
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    Tour on the Intimate & Luxurious Riviera - Oceania Cruises

    Come with us a we tour the beautiful new Cruise Ship Riviera from Oceania Cruises! 😍🙌🏼💃
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    Rock Festival in USA

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    Viajando por el mundo!

    Para aquellos que hablen ingles, les comparto nuestro nuevo canal con viajes en Africa, Asia, Europa y todo America! Nuestro canal:
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    Viajamos por todo el mundo!

    Los invito a nuestro canal, tenemos contenido en todos los continentes e incluso pronto antartica!! los invito a suscribirse.